CV20 for 2020 batch

Dear Visitors/Employers,
Given the unprecedented challenges faced this year by everyone due to the pandemic, we are delighted to advertise some extraordinary profiles of the graduates and post-graduates of class 2020. The enlisted people below are talented young professionals passionate to explore the field of IPR. Their previous experience in this field and knowledge gained by internships, competitions, research and extremely hard work make them best suitable for your requirements to deal with IP issues. We urge all of you to have a look at their profiles and help them in the best possible way during this time of unprecedented and unexpected uncertainty in the job market.
Lastly, the team of IP Press would like to personally say that if bright and raw talents are not given the opportunity today, our tomorrow will not be as bright and reaped, as we were expecting yesterday. Let not this pandemic create any void in our continuous growth for a bright future. Please have a look below to the shining light of the future.

Dear Class 2020/Candidates,
Given the unprecedented challenges faced this year due to the pandemic, we are pleased to aid the class of 2020 by dedicating a page on our website to facilitate their hiring by experts in the IP field who visit our website regularly!
We will upload the basic information about the 2020 graduates or post-graduates, who wish to have their career in the IP field.
For example:
Interested field:
To display your profile here, please write to us with the profile information (as shown above) and share your CV on our email id:
We will upload only 20 profiles every month on a selection basis.

All profiles are arranged in the alphabetical order. (The IP Press do not give any assurance on the validity of the details submitted by the candidates below. The details are disclosed, as submitted by the candidates)