About us

We believe writing and digitalisation are two ultra-modern weapons of today and torch bearers for tomorrow. With our thoughts penned down on this blog, we bring you our opinion on the emerging issues in the intellectual property (IP) laws.

The IP Press is a team of IP-Holics, who started this blog to ensure access to the latest intellectual property (IP) issues for all the IP hopefuls. Our focus would be to address IP concerns of stakeholders, students, academicians, researchers, start-ups, etc. and guide them to attain and enforce their IP rights.

We, not only hold expertise in law and IP, but our team of technically-skilled professionals, IP specialists and patent agents gives us a better understanding to deal with technical issues in IP. To focus on national and international issues, we are supported with international IP experts as well.

Below is an insight into the objectives of starting this blog:

  • Spread awareness on the latest IP issues;
  • Conduct workshops for the IP professionals;
  • Seminars and video lectures for the IP aspirants;
  • Review and comment on the IP policies;
  • Encourage and foster the IP culture;
  • Career counselling for students who are interested in building their career in IP;
  • Motivating stories of the IP professionals; and 
  • A team of academicians to provide advice on the IP disputes.

From the pens of,

Charu Srivastava

Founder, The IP Press

Krishnam Goyal

Co-founder, The IP Press

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