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ISSN: 2583-7702 (Online)

Subject Area: Intellectual Property Rights

It is an initiative  of The IP Press started in 2022 to extend our objectives of spreading awareness on the issues concerning intellectual property rights and related laws. The main aim behind starting this journal is to promote study and research in the field of intellectual property laws. The Journal is a reflection of some of the key concerns of Intellectual property regime both under national and international parlance. The Journal is envisioned to embody some of the most brainstorming insights that will help readers to grasp the discourse around contemporary developments in the field of Intellectual Property Law. The first issue was published in the year 2022.

The subject of the journal is law particularly dealing with intellectual property, The objective is to produce exceptional research in the field of intellectual property law, covering various domains, while maintaining a global reach.

It operates in an online format (please check the Editorial policy) to facilitate accessibility and international collaboration, ensuring high-quality output.

It is an annual publication in English language with a wide distribution to researchers, developers, practitioners, and educators in the field of law.

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