Rules for The IP Press Quiz to Extempore Competition 2021

  • There will be 5 rapid fire rounds in this live IP quiz.


  1. In the first round, 10 pictures will be shown on the screen and participants have to give an imaginative distinctive trade name in the live chat for the pictures shown (for example: imagine any class of goods or services associated with it, or for a purpose of character merchandising).
  2. The top 20 participants who will be able to deliver the distinctive name for the pictures shown on the screen in a rapid-fire round will be taken up to the next level of the quiz.


  1. In  level 2, the participants will be shown pictures of 10 registered GIs of different states with a brief description about it and participants have to identity those GIs of different states.
  2. The top 15 participants who will able to answer in live chat the name of the registered GIs correctly will qualify for the level 3 of the rapid fire live IP quiz.

Level 3: COPYRIGHTS (Identify the copyright holder!)

  1. In level 3, the participants have to identify the owner of the copyrighted works such as author, producer, etc. A series of pictures will be shown on the screen of the copyrighted work from the following categories such as:

a) Books

b) Web-series

c) Songs

d) Movies

2. The participants will be asked to identify the poster/ book cover/ lyrics shown and answer the name of either the author, producer, director, production house, singer, composer, performer, Cinematographer, etc in the live chat. 

3. In the end of this level, top 10 participants will qualify for the next round of the rapid fire live IP quiz.

Level 4: TRADITIONAL KNOWLEDGE (Identify the TK)

  1. In this level, the participants have to recognise and answer in live chat the name of the Traditional Knowledge (TK) of the country from the pictures shown on the screen with a brief written description about it.
  2. The top 5 participants who will answer correctly will qualify for the final round.


  1. The top 5 participants of the level 4 have to give live Extempore on the topic given to them related to current affairs in IPR.
  2. The participants will be given 5-7 mins each to deliver their thought on the topic assigned depending upon its scope.
  3. At the end of level 5 we will get our top 3 winners of the IP Press Live Rapid-Fire Pictionary Quiz Competition 2021.

The top 3 winners  shall be offered with a month Internship with the IP Press and the cash prize worth Rs. 5000.


About Sushmita Ray 18 Articles
Sushmita Ray is a Legal Counsel and works in the Fintech Industry. She is a graduate from KIIT School of Law, KIIT (Deemed to be) University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha and have successfully completed a 5-year Dual Degree Integrated Course, B.Sc.LL.B (Intellectual Property Laws Hons.). She has interned with various reputed IP firms in their Patents and TM Prosecution departments. She is also a participant and winner of various National, Regional and Cluster level competitions.

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