Introducing the Board Members- The IP Press Law Review

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

The IP Press is thrilled to introduce you to our Board members of The IP Press Law Review. It is an initiative to extend our objectives of spreading awareness on the issues concerning intellectual property rights and related laws by promoting study and research in this dynamic field of law. The Journal will be a reflection of some of the key concerns of the Intellectual property regime both under national and international parlance.

Advisory Board:

Prof. Dr. S. Rama Rao
Microsoft Chair of IP GNLU
Ex-Director WIPO

Prof. Dr. Shobhalata V. Udapudi
Ret. Prof. GNLU

Prof. Dr. Sonal Shankar
Faculty of Law Allahabad University

Sheela Ramkumar
Advocate High Court of Hyderabad

Editorial Board

Charu Srivastava
Assistant Professor, UPES School of Law

Dr. Ashwini Siwal
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Law, University of Delhi

Dr. Avishek Chakraborty
Assistant Professor,School of Law, CHRIST University, Bengaluru

Ana Carolina Nogueira
Associate at Demarest Advogados, Brazil

Vaibhavi Pandey
Senior Associate, IPR & Dispute Resolution Khaitan & Co

Ankeeta Gupta
Ph.D scholar, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi

Bijetri Roy
Managing Director & Chief Strategist, Ins-PIRE

Soumya Singh Chauhan
Assistant Professor, Jindal Global Law School

Dhruv Grover
IP litigation Attorney High Court of Delhi

Student Editors

Himani Jaruhar
National Law University, Odisha

Vivek Basanagoudar
Jindal Global Law School

The IP Press is accepting submissions for the first issue of their journal The IP Press Law Review. For further details, refer to the brochure here.

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