Certificate Course on Trade mark Law and Advocacy

After huge demand for us to start specialised courses on IP, we are here to bring our first-ever certificate course on trademark law and advocacy.

This course has been designed by a team of industry experts with the objective to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge on trademark advocacy.

Upon completion of this course, candidates will be well-versed with the intricacies of trade mark law and will be on the path to find the solutions thereof.

Course fee: INR 2499/-
Registration link: https://rzp.io/l/kdZFcEs
Course starts on November 13, 2021.

For further details refer to the brochure here.


Protecting a trademark in today’s era is not just about filing and getting it registered for your client, the importance of association with a mark has now become a multi-millionaire game. The course intends to equip participants with the understanding of developments in the area of Trade mark law and Advocacy.
Participants will get a chance to work on live cases related to filing, examination, opposition and advocating a mark for the client.


  • Develop research skills required to excel in trade mark advocacy.
  • Understand the substantive as well as procedural aspects of trademark.
  • Learn how to build arguments around infringement/defense.
  • Know the practical in & outs of remedies available in a trademark dispute.
  • Learn how to draft and interpret provisions applicable on the commercialization of trademarks.

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