Free certificate course on basics of IPR

About the course

Intellectual property is the currency of the tech world. The pharmaceutical patent for Lipitor generated over $100 billion in revenue, the copyright for the Harry Potter franchise has generated over $25 billion to date, and the trademarked brands of the world’s largest tech companies now eclipse $100 billion in value. Do you know what makes these intangible assets so valuable?

This course has been designed by experts to cover the basics of IPR and understand Patents, Trademarks and Copyright.

Course Outline

1A. Introduction to the forms of IP and to the major international conventions on IP

1B. Trademark

  • Brand as an asset
  • Types of trade marks
  • Attributes and essentials of a trade mark
  • Trade mark infringement test
  • Additional topic:- How to conduct trademark search and filing (if time permits)

2. Copyright

  • Creative works and protection offered by law – discuss about works in which copyright subsist
  • Discussion about types of rights under copyright – Moral rights and economic rights
  • Fair use and fair dealing
  • Additional topic:- Overlapping of copyright with design and trade mark (if time permits)

3. Patent

  • Define patents and essentials to obtain a Patent
  • Characteristics of a Patent
  • Registration and legal rights
  • Additional topic:- Compulsory licensing (if time permits)

Who can register?

  • Law students/ academicians/ professionals
  • Anyone who is part of a startup
  • Any innovator thinking about creating a startup
  • Entrepreneur

Registration Fee: No fee

Registration Link:

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