Certificate Course on Practical Insights into the Copyright Law- The IP Press (29th July 2023- 20th August 2023)


The IP Press is delighted to launch its flagship course on Copyright Law which is one of the dynamic and ever-booming laws in the IPR Regime. The course intends to equip students and young lawyers with practical knowledge and insight into the law. In the course, we will explore real-world examples of legal battles surrounding copyright law. We will be understanding what kinds of works can be protected, how the right can be infringed, and the penalties and repercussions.


  • Module 1: Introduction to Copyright
  • Module 2: Subject matter of Copyright
  • Module 3: Interplay within Copyright Law
  • Module 4: Copyright protection in India and Abroad
  • Module 5: Licensing and Assignment of Copyright
  • Module 6: Menaces and Limitations to Copyright
  • Module 7: Impact of Technology/Innovation on Copyright Law
  • Module 8: Interface between Copyright & other laws


  1. Adv. M. Elamparithy, Partner, Krishna & Saurastri Associates
  2. Heema Shirvaikar, Senior Associate, Krishnamurthy & Co.
  3. KP Sivaramakrishnan, Founder, Sivaramakrishnan Law Offices
  4. Shreya Deb, Associate, Naik Naik & Company
  5. Dushyant K. Mahant, Founding Partner, Mahant & Mahant Advocates
  6. Shaswata Kapat, Legal Counsel, Digital Financial Exchange (DIFX)
  7. Latha R Nair, Partner, K&S Partners


  • The sessions shall be conducted only on the weekends.
  • 100% Online.


Any graduate/post-graduate/scholar/professional from any field.


Course Fee: INR 1500 (Early bird discount)
Original fee: INR 1800

Link: https://rzp.io/l/kr2NA1ycO4

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