Delhi HC grants injunction in favour of Yatri

  • In a recent case of YC Electric Vehicles (“Plaintiffs”) v. Saksham Trading Company (“Defendant”), the Hon’ble Delhi High Court, granted an ex-parte interim injunction in favor YC Electric Vehicles and restricted the Saksham Trading Company from manufacturing and selling E-rickshaws and their parts under the mark “YATRA” and “YS”.
  • The YC Electric Vehicles was establishment in 2014 and has grown to become the India’s largest e-rickshaw manufacturing/selling entity. As per the statistics issued from time to time by the independent bodies/entities pertaining to the sale of e-rickshaws in India, YC Electric Vehicles has been consistently retaining the top/first position of largest e-rickshaw manufacturing entity with the highest e-rickshaw sales in India in past couple of years.
  • YC Electric Vehicles’ through its counsels Mr. Neeraj Grover and Mr. Yatin Chadha (Founder, My legal Partners) told the court that Saksham Trading Company had bodily lifted their entire trademarks ‘YATRI’ and ‘YC’ and adopted the impugned marks ‘YATRA’ and ‘YS’, and are selling identical products which are causing confusion in the market.
  • The Case was listed on 27.05.2024 before Hon’ble Mr. Justice Anish Dayal of the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi on which date the Hon’ble Court after hearing the contentions of the counsels of YC Electric Vehicle passed order to temporarily injunct the mark ‘YATRA’ and ‘YS’ which are deceptive and infringe the YC Electric Vehicle’s registered trademarks ‘YATRI’ and ‘YC’.
  • The Court also directed Saksham Trading Company to pull down all social media
    links/websites selling its products under the marks ‘YATRA’ and ‘YS’.

Plaintiff through: Mr. Neeraj Grover, Mr. Yatin Chadha, Mr. Mayank Chadha, Mr. Gurvinder Singh, Ms. Shikha Sagar and Ms. Dolly Luthra and Ms. Ekta Mahendra, Advocates.

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