Short course: Pharmaceuticals and Intellectual Property by British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL)

10 Sessions: 4 March – 13 May 2022

This is a wide-ranging course offering diverse legal and interdisciplinary perspectives exploring the nexus between global public health and intellectual property. Although the business and innovation practices of the pharmaceutical industry are largely based on patents, other intellectual property rights including trade marks and trade secrets are highly relevant too. The industry benefits from research and innovation taking place elsewhere and government policy supporting life sciences and biomedicine needs also to be taken into consideration.

Course Topics:

  • Overview of the pharmaceutical industry and national systems of innovation
  • Pharmaceutical intellectual property and product regulation
  • The pharmaceutical industry and the life sciences revolution from 1980 (1): Major science and technology development affecting the pharmaceutical business
  • The pharmaceutical industry and the life sciences revolution from 1980 (2): Implications for intellectual property
  • Personalised and precision medicine; digital medicine
  • What does the pharmaceutical industry patent?
  • Pharmaceutical intellectual property in international intellectual property and trade law
  • Access to medicines: from hiv/aids to covid-19
  • Alternative pharmaceutical innovation models

Course tutors

  • Professor Graham Dutfield, University of Leeds
  • Professor Uma Suthersanen, Queen Mary University of London

About BIICL Training

BIICL is a world-leading research organisation in international, comparative and rule of law issues. Our renowned training programme combines world-leading research with an applied perspective. The courses have proven extremely popular with those coming from law firms, chambers, and governments amongst others. In 2021, we delivered training to some 550 individuals across 14 courses. 

Each course is convened and taught by international experts from BIICL’s own team in collaboration with external partners, combining academic expertise with practical experience in these fields of law.

The virtual course format will consist of a series of 10 sessions in which live teaching is offered via Zoom. Participants will be able to interact with the tutors and amongst themselves on screen.

The course cost per person is £700. Scholarships and discounts are available.

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