THE IP PRESS LAW REVIEW- Volume 1 Issue II June 2023

The IP Press Law Review (IPPLR) is an initiative of The IP Press to extend our objectives of spreading awareness on the issues concerning intellectual property rights and related laws. It aims to promote study and research in the field of intellectual property laws in the form of academic literature. This issue reflects some of the key concerns of the Intellectual property regime both under national and international parlance. It is envisioned to embody some of the most brainstorming insights that help readers to grasp the discourse around contemporary developments in the field of Intellectual Property Law. Throughout the year, the editorial board has reviewed the papers with multiple rounds of editing to ensure quality and standard. This issue presents intriguing issues and challenges pertaining to intellectual property law in the national as well as the international regime. 


S No.Publication titleAuthorLinks
1Gene Patenting and Access to Healthcare in India: The Way ForwardRaahat TaraDownload
2Patents in Medical Procedures: Justified or Not?Radharaman RajoriyaDownload
3NCS Music and its Impact on CopyrightSriradha Rai ChoudhuriDownload
4Approaches to Intellectual Property: A Pluralistic AccountAbhay Raj Mishra, Rishabh ShuklaDownload
5Tattoos: A Viewpoint from Indian Copyright Regime with Special Reference to Whitmill
v. Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.
Vaibhav SharmaDownload
6Cultural Appropriation in the Fashion Industry: A Critical Study into the Legal Issues
Surrounding it
Winnie MathewDownload
7Role of Copyright in Digital Communication Technologies and Human RightsAranya
Nath, Saswati Chakrabarti
8Can Copyright Protection Serve as the Tool to Regulate the Use of the Deepfakes: A Comparative Analysis between the USA and IndiaShivangi PaliwalDownload
9Design Protection: Essentials and ProhibitionSai Akanksh DeekondaDownload

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