Certificate Course on Research, Writing, and Publication

About the Course

Strong legal writing and research skills are your keys to success in law school and beyond. Effective communication is the cornerstone of your legal career, whether you’re communicating complex legal concepts to clients, building your online presence, or crafting compelling arguments for your dissertation.

Our course isn’t just about dry theory; it’s about igniting your legal voice and empowering you to write with impact. We’ll teach you how to write persuasive blogs that captivate readers, equip you with the knowledge to craft scholarly papers that stand out from the crowd and guide you in developing strong legal arguments for your dissertation. This course will help you build a strong portfolio of published articles and blogs – a valuable asset that will open doors to exciting career opportunities.

Course Dates: January 6th to 14th, 2024

In this comprehensive program, you won’t just dive into dry theory; you’ll unleash your legal voice and learn to write with impact. From crafting persuasive blogs to developing scholarly papers and compelling arguments for your dissertation, this course is your gateway to mastering effective legal communication.

Course Highlights:

  • Online Classes: Learn at your own pace and convenience from anywhere in the world with our flexible online platform.
  • Weekend Classes: Fit your learning into your schedule!  
  • Recorded Lectures: To ensure that you don’t miss out on the learning.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry experts and like-minded peers who share your goals, fostering valuable professional relationships.
  • Industry Experts as Mentors (with a track record of publishing quality papers and books): Gain insights from seasoned professionals who bring real-world experience to the virtual classroom
  • Publication on the IP Press blog for top performers

Who can register:

Any graduate/post-graduate/ scholar/professional from any field.

Course Fee:- INR 1599/-

To register click here.


  • Module 1: Fundamentals of legal research 
  • Module 2: Defining research problem and research design
  • Module 3: Mastering legal blogs and research papers
  • Module 4: Unveiling the Secrets of Successful Legal Publications

For queries, write to us at theippress@gmail.com

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