Geographical Indication (GI) Tags Of West Bengal

West Bengal, an eastern state in India, situated between the Himalayas and the Bay of Bengal, is the fourth most populous and thirteenth largest state. Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) is the Capital city of West Bengal retains architectural and cultural remnants of its past as East India Company’s trading post and the capital of British Raj. Enriched with flora and fauna, the state’s economy largely depends upon the agriculture and small and medium-sized enterprises. Currently, West Bengal has received 21 Geographical Indication (GI) Tags, latest being Madurkathi, the certificate of which was received on 18th May, 2018 [Certificate].

Madurkathi is a multi-color handicraft product whose application for GI tag was filed by The West Bengal Khadi & Village Industry Board, Government of West Bengal on 18th August, 2016. It is a spongy reed handicraft which is used as a raw material for preparing mats. Grown in the damp and quagmire areas, it is produced within the frame of bamboo. Having the capacity to deal with the hot and humid climate of West Bengal, Madurkathi posses non-conducting and ability to absorb sweat property [For all documents click here].

West Bengal possesses the following GI Tags-


  1. Darjeeling Tea (Word & Logo) (Agricultural) [here]
  2. Laxman Bhog Mango (Agricultural) [here]
  3. Khirsapati (Himsagar) Mango (Agricultural) [here]
  4. Malda Fazli Mango (Agricultural) [here]
  5. Gobindabhog Rice (Agricultural) [here]
  6. Tulapanji Rice (Agricultural) [here]


  • Nakshi Kantha (Handicraft) [here]
  • Santiniketan Leather Goods (Handicraft) [here]
  • Santipur Saree (Handicraft) [here]
  • Baluchari Saree (Handicraft) [here]
  • Dhaniakhali Saree (Handicraft) [here]
  • Bankura Panchmura Terracotta Craft (Handicraft) [here]
  • Bengal Dokra (Handicraft) [here]
  • Bengal Patachitra (Handicraft) [here]
  • Purulia Chau Mask (Handicraft) [here]
  • Wooden Mask of Kushmandi (Handicraft) [here]
  • Madurkathi (Handicraft) [here]


  1. Joynagar Moa (Food Stuff) [here]
  2. Bardhaman Sitabhog (Food Stuff) [here]
  3. Bardhaman Mihidana (Food Stuff) [here]
  4. Banglar Rasogolla (Food Stuff) [here]
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  1. Hi, last February’22, we became the “Authorized User” for my ‘Bengal Dokra’ artifacts (AU/563/11374/GI/24). Now, I would like to know how long I will have to wait for the ‘GI Certificate’ ?
    Is there any scope to get marketing assistance of my GI products through our government or from any such body ?
    Whether I will get assistance from any one in the field of international marketing ?
    Please advise.

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