Himachal Pradesh is the northern Indian State in the Himalayas. Being one of the eleven mountain states, it is characterized by an extreme landscape highlighting various peaks and extensive river systems. Also being a home to picturesque mountain towns and resorts such as Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh is bordered by Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh in the north; Punjab in the west; Haryana in the southwest; Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh in the south; also it shares its border in the east with the Tibet Autonomous Region in China. Due to strong Tibetan presence, this state is reflected by Buddhist temples, monasteries as well as vibrant Tibetan New Year celebrations. Lastly, this wonderland is famous for its trekking, climbing and skiing areas. Himachal Pradesh has nine GI Tags latest being Himachali Kala Zeera and Himachali Chulli Oil.

Himachali Kala Zeera is an agricultural product, whose application of GI Tag was filed by Kalazeera Utpadan Sangh on 17th July, 2013. The product certified was on 4th March 2019. The Application Details of ‘Himachali Kala Zeera’ are mentioned below-

Application Details

Application Number432
Geographical IndicationsHimachali Kala Zeera
Applicant NameKalazeera Utpadan Sangh
Applicant AddressShong, Tehsil Sangla District: Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh, India
Date of Filing17-07-2013
Geographical AreaHimachal Pradesh
Priority CountryIndia
Journal Number112
Availability Date31-10-2018
Certificate Number336
Certificate Date04-03-2019
Registration Valid Upto16-07-2023

Himachali Kala Zeera or Kinnauri Kala Zeera is a small, grassy and perennial plant with medical and spice uses and is economically essential umbellifer growing wild in the dry temperature regions of Himachal Pradesh especially in over all districts of Kinnaur. It is cultivated as a cash crop on large scale and is sold on a very high price. It is superior and different from other Kalazeera over its unique aroma, chemical composition and taste. The ripe seeds of Black cumin contains certain crucial oils namely p-mentha-1, 4-diena-7al, gamma-terpinene, beta-pinene and cuminaldehyde.

Being a spice and medicinal plant, Himachali Kala Zeera is prized with many medicinal properties. It has healing power and curative properties, and is good in curing digestive disorders like biliousness, morning sickness, indigestion, atonics dyspepsia, diarrhea, malabsorption syndrome and flatulent colic. Himachali Kala Zeera also cures Piles or Hemorrhoids, insomnia, renal colic, common cold, problem of breast milk secretion, amnesia, boils and scorpion stings. As a spice, this cumin seed is used for flavoring curries, soups, sausages, breads and cakes. It is an essential ingredient for making curry powder, pickles and chutneys and to some extent it is used in Indian Medicine as a carminative.

Himachali Chulli Oil is a manufactured product, whose application for GI Tag was filed by M/s. Kinnaur Chulli-Bhemi Oil Producers & Processor Society on 24th February 2014. The product was certified on 4th March 2019. The Application Details of ‘Himachali Chulli Oil’ are mentioned below-

Application Details

Application Number468
Geographical IndicationsHimachali Chulli Oil
Applicant NameM/s. Kinnaur Chulli – Bhemi Oil Producers & Processor Society
Applicant AddressDistrict: Kinnaur, C/o Dyerton Cottage No – 3, Below Shimla bypass, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India
Date of Filing24-02-2014
GoodsManufactured Goods
Geographical AreaHimachal Pradesh
Priority CountryIndia
Journal Number112
Availability Date31-10-2018
Certificate Number338
Certificate Date04-03-2019
Registration Valid Upto23-04-2024

Chulli also known as Wild Apricot, Chulu, Share or Zardalu, mostly used for making Ghanti (a local liquor) and some handmade products, is grown as wild in many parts of Himachal Pradesh namely, Shimla, Mandi, Kullu, Chamba, Sirmour, Kinnaur and Lahaul-Spiti. The leftover stones or pits after the processing is thrown as waste which is otherwise used as a good source of edible oil which is rich in polysaturated fatty acids like linoleic and oleic acid which is of adequate nutritional and pharmaceutical importance.

The oil is extracted both from Chulli (Wild Apricot) and Behmi (Peach). Behmi is a wild peach that is harvested from May to July and is highly perishable in nature. These fruits are hairy with whitish-yellow flesh. Behmis are smooth-skinned at maturity with a yellow skin overlaid with red, while its flesh is of yellow or yellowish-orange colour and is firm and sweet in taste. Lastly, no irrigation, manure, fertilization and pesticide control is used for their irrigation.

Grown on deep and well-drained soils, these fruits contain a good source of sugar, vitamin A and appreciable amounts of Thiamine and Iron. Talking about their uses, these fruits are used for the preparation of sauces, chutney, jams, apricot nectar, strained baby foods as the pulp of these fruits are nutritious and are rich in calcium, phosphorous and iron, paste and edible oil is used as organic manure. These fruits are also used in the making of cosmetics namely face cream, water-based moisturizing gel, oil-based gel, hair oil (containing Vitamin A) and Hair Oil (containing Vitamin B); nutraceuticals i.e. apricot juices; and therapeutic like a pain reliever.

Chulli Oil is essential for skin, hair growth and regulation of cholesterol metabolism as well as it is famous for reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Chulli Oil finds its use in medicine for earache and other ailments and is also identical with bitter almond oil.

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  1. Is it there any agriculture produce which still not covered under GI Tags in Himachal Pradesh. I would like to work on it. I am working in Horticulture Development Program and looking for the agriculture produce in Himachal Pradesh which are still not covered under GI Tags.

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