Certificate Course on Contract Drafting 2.0-“Elevate Your Contract Drafting Skills with Expert Guidance.” [22nd June – 21st July 2024]

About the course

In today’s complex business environment, the ability to draft contracts that protect the interests of all parties involved is invaluable. Whether you’re a legal professional, business executive, entrepreneur, or aspiring lawyer, this course is your gateway to becoming a contract drafting virtuoso. Join us on this journey to become a sought-after contract drafting specialist. Whether you’re looking to enhance your career prospects, protect your business interests, or expand your legal knowledge, this course is your key to success (see, brochure below)

Key Course Details:

  • Dates: 22nd June 2024 to 21st July 2024
  • Duration: 4 weeks, only on weekends
  • Format: 100% online, accessible from anywhere

Course Benefits:

  • Completely Online: Learn at your own pace and convenience from anywhere in the world with our flexible online platform.
  • Taught by Industry Experts: Gain insights from seasoned professionals who bring real-world experience to the virtual classroom.
  • Internship Opportunities: Best performers will get a chance to intern with a law firm.
  • Blog Publication on IP Press Platform: Top performers will have the unique opportunity to showcase their expertise through blog publications on a recognized Intellectual Property press platform.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry experts and like-minded peers who share your goals, fostering valuable professional relationships.

Who can register:

Any graduate/post-graduate/ scholar/professional from any field.

Course Fee:- INR 2999/-

To register click here.


Module 1: Essentials of an Agreement and Overview of Contract Drafting
Module 2: Binding nature of MOUs and other Pre-contractual Writings
Module 3: Operative Clauses
Module 4: Representations, Warranties and Terminations
Module 5: Risk Mitigation Clauses
Module 6: Dispute Resolution Clauses

Module 7: Breach of Contract
Module 8: Finalizing the Contract
Module 9: E-Contracts
Module 10: IP-related contracts


  1. Ms. Priyam Lizmary, Senior Associate (Saikrishna & Associates)
  2. Ms. Purnima Thacker, Head, IP Practice (Mulla & Mulla & Craigie Blunt & Caroe)
  3. Ms Vaibhavi Pandey, Principal Associate (Khaitan & Co.)
  4. Ms Drishti Kardam, Associate (Fox Mandal & Associate)
  5. Ms Mirul Bhavsar, Head of Legal (MAHE)
  6. Ms Sushmita Mukherjee, Managing Partner (Mukherji & Mukherjee Law Chambers)

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