Geographical Indication (GI) Tags of ODISHA

Odisha was secured with the much-awaited GI Tag on “RASAGOLA” on 29th July 2019 [Certificate]. The application for ‘Odisha Rasagola’ was filed by the Odisha Small Industries Corporation Limited (OSIC Ltd.) and Utkal Mistanna Byabasayee Samiti, Odisha on 23rd February 2018. [For all documents click here]

The reference of Rasagola is found in the 15th century, Odia Ramayana which was written by Balaram Das, also known as Dandi Ramayana or Jagamohana Ramayana as it was composed and sung at the Jagamohana of the Puri Temple. The important evidence relating to the popularity of Rasagola is also available in a travelogue named Waltier Darshan written by Fakir Mohan Senapati, which was published in the Utkal Sahitya, a monthly Odia literary magazine in 1904. 

The sweet is known for its distinct quality, features and characteristics; it is very soft, juicy and non-chewy in consistency and can be swallowed effortlessly. It is prepared with tender Chhena [Chhena is prepared from the milk of native cow breed of Odisha], semolina, floor, small cardamom powder, milk and sugar. 

However, on 23rd October 2019, an objection was filled by Ms. Smriti Lekha Chakraborty, stating that the grant of Rasagola GI tag to Odisha is untenable from a legal point of view. The objection raised serious questions regarding the proof of origin, historical background and the preparation of the ‘Odisha Rasagola’. The counter-statement/ response to each query/objection raised by the petitioner, Smriti Lekha Chakraborty on GI tag of ‘Odisha Rasagola’, was filled by the Odisha Small Industries Corporation Limited (OSIC Ltd.) on 18th December 2019. The registry will now decide whether the objections are to be rejected or accepted.

Odisha possess the following GI Tags-

  1. Kotpad Handloom Fabric (Handicraft) here
  2. Orissa Ikat (Handicraft) here
  3. Konark Stone Carving (Handicraft) here
  4. Orissa Pattachitra (Handicraft) here
  5. Pipli Applique Work (Handicraft) here
  6. Khandua Saree and Fabrics (Handicraft) here
  7. Gopalpur Tussar Fabrics (Handicraft) here
  8. Ganjam Kewda Rooh (Manufactured) here
  9. Ganjam Kewda Flower (Agricultural) here
  10. Dhalapathar Parda & Fabrics (Handicraft) here
  11. Sambalpuri Bandha Saree & Fabrics (Handicraft) here
  12. Bomkai Saree & Fabrics (Handicraft) here
  13. Habaspuri Saree & Fabrics (Handicraft) here
  14. Berhampur Patta (Phoda Kumbha) Saree & Joda (Handicraft) here
  15. Orissa Pattachitra (Logo) (Handicraft) here
  16. Araku Valley Arabica Coffee (Agricultural) here
  17. Kandhamal Haladi (Agricultural) here
  18. Odisha Rasagola (Food Stuff) here
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  1. I want to correct you here that. Araku valley coffee is actually not of odisha rather it is of southern India. So please rectify before giving it to the internet

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