Controversy Surrounding Rajnikant’s movie ‘Jailer’: RCB Jersey scene altered after legal battle


When we hear Bollywood, somehow the word controversy comes with it no matter what. Indian cinema and controversy go hand in hand. In the recent twist of events, the producers of the highly anticipated Rajnikant starrer movie, ‘Jailer’ find themselves in the middle of a legal suit over a controversial scene. The case name is Royal Challengers Sports Private Limited v Sun Pictures a Division of Sun TV Network Ltd and Anr. The Delhi High Court heard the hearing of the case regarding the controversial scene. The scene is question is of a killer wearing the RCB jersey in the movie. The hearing was done by Justice Pratibha M. Singh through hybrid mode.


Rajinikanth is a legendary actor and one of the biggest superstars in the Indian film industry and hence needs no introduction. His upcoming movie, ‘Jailer’ has been creating considerable buzz due to several factors first one being it has Rajnikant in it and the second one being shot and directed by a promising filmmaker. But right now, the film is in the spotlight due to very different reasons.

The scene in question depicts a ruthless killer wearing the RCB jersey while committing a crime, making disparaging comments about women, and being a misogynist altogether, thus raising concerns from the fans and authorities alike in the matter. The Royal Challengers Bangalore is a popular franchise in the Indian Premier League (IPL) with a very loyal fanbase.


The Royal Challengers Bangalore team is one of the most prominent franchises in the Indian Premier League (IPL). RCB was quick to take legal action against the filmmakers of the movie ‘Jailer’ as it created quite an uproar among the fans. The plaintiff argued that the unauthorized use of their brand in the film could further potentially harm their commercial interests and reputation to some extent.

The case further took an interesting turn when it was presented before the Hon’ble Delhi High Court, which had to weigh the interests of the defendants (filmmakers) and those of the plaintiff (RCB). The Single-Judge bench of Justice Pratibha M. Singh was further tasked with determining whether the presentation of the killer in an RCB jersey indeed constituted trademark infringement issues.

The producers of the movie ‘Jailer’ who are the plaintiffs have decided to address the hot-topic controversy by altering the said controversial scene. During the hearing, they acknowledged the concerns presented by the RCB fans and expressed their commitment and willingness to make necessary changes to the scene in question and for hurting their sentiments.

This move by the plaintiff further reflects a willingness to maintain a harmonious and peaceful relationship with the audience and respect the sentiments of all sports enthusiasts. This present case further highlights the importance of responsible filmmaking in a society like India where cinema has a significant influence on the public.


Justice Pratibha M. Singh directed the plaintiff Sun movies to digitally alter all the scenes featuring the RCB Jersey by the 1st of September. The court further ordered that “The Defendants as also all parties acting for or on their behalf including their distribution network shall be bound by the above terms and conditions. With effect from 1st September, 2023, in the theatrical depiction of the film Jailer the RCB team jersey shall stand edited/altered. The Defendants shall ensure that after 1st September, 2023, none of the theatres would exhibit the RCB jersey in any form whatsoever. Insofar as television, satellite or any OTT platform is concerned, prior to the release thereof, the altered version of the film shall be broadcasted/telecasted,” 


The controversy surrounding the showcasing of a killer wearing an RCB jersey and making disparaging remarks towards women has captured the attention of many individuals be it film enthusiasts and sports fans alike. With the producers of the Sun Movie pledging to modify the scene in response to concerns raised by RCB fans, it reminds us of the importance of maintaining a balance between artistic freedom and social responsibility in the world of cinema and making sure even though how thin the gap is we never cross it as it can cause harm to a lot of people out there. Cinema is a unifying and entertaining force in our society. It doesn’t matter where we are from the Indian cinema has always brought us together. Thus, this incident highlights the need for open dialogue and mutual respect between filmmakers, fans, and the wider community.

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