Assam is a north-east state of India which is bordered by Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh in the north; Nagaland and Manipur in the east; Meghalaya, Tripura, Mizoram and Bangladesh to the south and West Bengal in the west. This beautiful state is located along the Brahmaputra and Barak River valleys and is in the south of the Eastern Himalayas. Besides being known for its tea plantations and silk cultivation, Assam is also popular for its wildlife and archaeological sites. Till date, Assam has been awarded nine GI Tags, latest being Kaji Nemu and Chokuwa Rice of Assam.

Kaji Nemu is an agricultural product of Assam, whose application for GI Tag was filed by CRS-NA-DHING NEMU TENGA UNNAYAN SAMITY on 5th of January, 2018. The Application Details of ‘Kaji Nemu’ are mentioned below-

Application Details

Application Number609
Geographical IndicationsKaji Nemu
Applicant AddressDiramukh Thepabari, Post: Hahkhati, P.S: Dhola, Tinsukia, Assam, India, 786154
Date of Filing05-01-2018
Geographical AreaAssam
Priority CountryIndia
Journal Number123
Availability Date10-05-2019
Certificate Number361
Registration Valid Upto04-01-2028

Kaji Nemu or Assam Lemon, the principal lemon cultivar of North Eastern Region, is a sour citrus fruit and is exclusively used for appetizing, drinks, industries and medicinal uses. Being a native lemon variety of Assam, it is unique in its characteristics and is comparatively larger than the regular lemon. Not only it has a tendency of cluster bearing habit commonly producing seedless fruits with 9 to 12 segments but also its flower colour differs from purple to slightly reddish.

Produced all round the year and in almost all districts of Assam, Kaji Nemu has two peak seasons in a year i.e. spring (Feb-March) and autumn (Sep-Oct). Being different in flavour from other Lemon varieties, Kaji Nemu is cultivated on Loamy and fertile soil with uniform texture up to a depth of 3 meters. As per the farmers, the best time of planting Kaji Nemu is from May to August.

Lastly, exuding a distinctive fragrance of “Lemon”, the uniqueness of the fruit lies in its bearing habit. Even if it gets ripened it doesn’t fall from the tree up to a very long period. They are born in clusters on new shoots.

Chokuwa Rice of Assam is also an agricultural product whose application for GI Tag was filed by the Secretary, Seuj Satirth on 14th December 2016 and the product was provided with the Certificate of Registration on 26th February 2020 [Certificate]. The Application Details of ‘Chokuwa Rice of Assam’ are mentioned below-

Application Details

Application Number572
Geographical IndicationsChokuwa Rice of Assam
Applicant NameSecretary, Seuj Satirth
Applicant AddressCentral Cultural Building, Kachumari, Dehajan, Dimow – 785 662, District: Sivsagar, Assam, India
Date of Filing14-12-2016
Geographical AreaAssam
Priority CountryIndia
Journal Number124
Availability Date24-10-2019

Chokuwa Rice or Komal Chaul or Soft Rice is a whole grain and ready-to-eat product as it needs, no cooking and can be consumed even after simply soaking it in cold to lukewarm water for a brief period of time. The rice is prepared instantly and can be consumed with sugar or molasses; milk or curd and even with salts and oils and pickles.

Having its existence since the early medieval period of Assamese history, Komal Chaul of Assam is produced in the upper Assam districts of Brahmaputra Valley of Assam from a special category of rice known as Chokuwa Rice. This unique variety of rice is cultivated in the entire Assam except the two hill districts during Sali Season i.e. June/July to October/November.

Lastly, the farmers use a unique method of production for the growth of Chokuwa rice. Firstly, they use traditional know-how and skill in identification of extent cooking of the grain instead of the husk followed by drying. Secondly, they use the traditional method of milling with dhekhi (a traditional method of pounding) and lastly, they provide a convenient rice food without cooking for soldiers and others for the ease in their carriage and consumption, where there is a scarcity of fuel for cooking.

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